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Welcome to Highgate Shul's website


 Welcome, thanks for coming. We're delighted to have you.

Please enjoy a brief film outlining the history of the Jews of Highgate featuring our oldest male member, Gerry Bloom, singing Anim Zemirot (the Hymn of Glory) in the synagogue on his 95th birthday on Remembrance Sunday, 13th November 2011.

In Highgate Synagogue, we love to put on a range of great events and have a number of engaging activities lined up. To find out more about our forthcoming events, please contact the office.

If you missed any of our great lectures click on the audio files link to the left and prepare to be inspired.



Have you found a siddur? Here, let me pass you a chumash. This week's sedra? Oh, it's Masei (Mevorachin Hachodesh)

Anyway, find a seat, anywhere you fancy, we don't really do reserved seating around here. If you don't want to sit, take a look around.

We should be able to help you find what you want.

Looking for details of how to contact the shul office?

No problem.

Think we're so friendly you want to know who our friends are? Sure, take a look.

Once again, welcome to our shul. Stay, have a look around, find what you're after and let us know what you think.


The Rabbi, Wardens and Honorary Officers.